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In our 15 years leading the way in the trade of specialist fake ID cards we have never had one of our products become so popular, so quickly. This became our best-selling card in less than three weeks of it hitting the market. We have been forced to delay production supply on no less than 3 occasions! We even had to put a temporary limit of 12 cards per customer to cope with the seemingly endless demand we were experiencing!

For the majority of the life of our company we have led the way when it comes to innovation and design that the other ID companies have scrambled hard in an attempt to catch up with. For this product though, we broke from our traditional closed-house approach to building up card features and ideas and consulted with our biggest customers to see exactly what was on their wish list. The inspiration for all the details you see on this item came directly from our biggest buyers and affiliates. This was truly created by our customers, for our customers.

Our highly skilled and specialised team took almost a year to bring this concept to life. The ID machinery necessary to produce this card was a game changer for the novelty ID industry. Never before has Government and security industry technology been accessible to a fake ID producer. We spend large sums of money and time securing the multiple industrial machines and all necessary licences along with signing various non-disclosure agreements with an array of security companies to acquire the rights to use a very secret set of closely guarded technologies in order to create a card that now changes what it possible to buy from a novelty ID card specialist. We challenge you to find any other fake ID company that can offer anything remotely close to what we are now able to produce!

  • Raised 3D Text (optional extra) - You won’t find this feature with any other company! We use a special set of processes to cause our text to raise out from the surface of the card.
  • Surface-Engraved Micro-Patterns - This card has high resolution custom made designs engraved into the surface over both sides using the exact same technology employed by government ID card manufacturing.
  • Multi-Coloured UV Light ImageryReal ID cards often have full colour images specially printed below the surface that can only be seen with special UV lights. None of the other Fake ID companies have the licences or knowhow to offer this full colour spectrum technology applied using high resolution fabrication techniques.
  • Ultra HD Graphics - Up until now the best fake ID companies could print at was 600dpi. We print at over 2000dpi! Whereas standard printing uses the mixture of 4 colour paints to produce images we use 10 separately applied specialised paint layers to make a product that delivers an intense visual experience.
  • Sharp Holographic Sub-OverlayOur customers demanded a more elaborate, customised holographic patch to further compliment the advanced features that this card contains. We worked hard to deliver this prominent and captivating feature.
  • Substrate-Embedded Gold Security Panel - A sharp and stunning gold image is moulded into the internal fabric of this card making it wonderfully eye-catching whilst still extremely tamperproof.
  • Bespoke Country Code - You can pick the 1-3 letter country code that appears on the top corner flag. Pick "UK" for the United Kingdom or "IRL" for Ireland or "D" for Germany, or anything, it's up to you. Simply take pleasure in the extra customisable features that this card has to offer you.

If you’ve come here to buy the absolute best the industry has to offer, you demand a rich set of features along with jaw dropping attention to detail then don’t miss your chance to buy this amazing product.

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