International Student

You don’t need to look at this card for long to see why it is our best-selling student ID. We made a special effort producing this premium card. It took more than three times longer than usual to create and master the perfect look we craved when the concept for this card was first proposed. It is rare to find such an impressive and detailed design which sells at such a reasonable price.

This card is for you if you simply must have the best looking student card available. If you have a keen eye for the most important of details and demand a higher level of quality than the average consumer then you will agree that this card ticks every box and more! We only ask that when you buy this card you make sure to put it in a designer wallet where the hand-stitched, exclusively designed and selected luxury fabrics will make a fitting home for this uniquely styled premium ID card.

The micro-text is printed in white onto a blue background to produce a striking base for the card. The globe adds an extra detail which looks superb and really makes the card stand out. The wording on the card is written in English, French and Spanish adding to the authentic look for an International Identification. You are able to choose where you are studying and the start and end dates you want. The reverse of the card has the same design as the front but is interrupted by a signature box into which a signature is printed directly onto the card- a really outstanding premium student ID!

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