Frequently Asked Questions

If you've got a question you need answering then it's extremely likely it's been asked before by one of our customers. To save you time getting the answer you are looking for we have bundled all the usual questions and their answers together on this handly little page!

We have a whole page on our website dedicated to this question, but in short, you add the cards you want to the basket and go through the checkout. You select how you want to pay, fill in your delivery information and delivery speed, then fill in the details for your card with an option to upload your images and even to draw your signature. At the end of the checkout process you are given a unique order number and are presented with full instructions on what you need to do next. You can also change or cancel your order, change you payment or delivery options as well as modify your card information. You can return to this section at any time from the Account page of our website

All instructions are given at the end of the checkout process in a section named “What to do next?”. This section changes depending on the options you chose when you placed your order on our website. You can go to the Account page at any time and click on the “Details” button next to the order you placed and you will be taken to a page that includes information on what you need to do next to complete your order.

In short, if you chose to pay with cash or chose not to upload any images for your card then you will need to send these to us. Full, clear and detailed instructions are given in the “What to do next?” section.

You only need a printer if you need to send us anything in the post as we will require a printed order form as a way of identifying what you are sending to you personally and to the specific order on your account.

If you don’t have one then your alternative is to hand write all the information we need. Don’t just guess what information we need, go to the Account page and click on the “Details” button next to the order you placed. Scroll down to the “What to do next?” section. Find the bit that tells you to print your order form and read the instructions specifically for those who do not own a printer.

You only need our address if you must send us your order. Orders paid for with Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoins for example) with all images uploaded do not require you to send anything to us in the post.

If you need to send us anything it will be specified in our “What to do next?” section presented to you after you place an order on our website. If you need to return to this page then go to the Account page and click on the “Details” button next to the order you placed. Scroll down to the “What to do next?” section and if you must send us something the address options are presented to you here along with precise instructions on what must be done to complete your order.

Both the addresses we provide are not our addresses, they are owned by a mail company who handle our mail. We operate from Spain so the quickest way for most customers to get their orders to us is to send to the Spanish address. Items that arrive at this address are forwarded on to us by the mail company, usually the same day or within 24 hours Mon-Fri.

The UK address should only ever be considered by UK customers who are less concerned with the time their order takes to arrive but instead want to save money on postage. The UK address is a redirection address where items sent there are flown over to us. Often the redirection of mail at that address only happens once or (sometimes) twice per week.

Be warned, although the UK address is cheaper in postage costs for customers sending from the UK, you could be unlucky if your item arrives on a redirection day. If this happens your item will not be sent on to us until the next redirection day which could be one week later!

Whatever address you end up choosing always send your order using a recorded and insured, safe delivery method. Anything else is a very bad idea. If you need any convincing of this fact then please watch this video we had made.

If you’re sending us cash in the post then you need to do everything possible to be sure it gets to us. If it doesn’t get to us, or it arrives with some or all of the money missing we will not print or send the order.

Recorded means any service that requires a signature and name to be provided by our mail company when they take receipt of the mail item you send. Putting an envelope in a post box with a stamp on it is never a recorded service so we strongly advise that you do not do it.

Insured means you are compensated should they lose or damage your mail item. Make sure that the compensation at the very least equals the money you have sent.

Safe means it is a mail service that travels outside of the normal mail system where letters with stamps travel. In the UK the service known a Recorded Delivery is not safe! It is insured for a small amount and is recorded but it is not safe. We receive items sent this way open with money missing and there is little that can be done about it.

In the UK the service known as Royal Mail Special Delivery is safe. It travels in a much more protected way. So long as you send it in the self adhesive seal, plastic mailing bag they can provide you with and not just in your paper envelope then it cannot be damaged or tampered with. You can find an example of these mailing bags here.

Outside of the UK the only safe services we know about are those provided by couriers such as DHL, UPS, FedEx etc. Of course there will be other services available in each country, but it is up to you to find out what they are and how safe they are. These services can only really be considered safe if you use a self adhesive seal, plastic mailing bag and not a regular paper envelope.

All safe mail services can provide you with a self adhesive seal, plastic mailing bag should you request one. We suggest you do.

If you decide you’d prefer to ignore us and send in the normal unprotected mail then we encourage you to watch this video before you make your final decision. If your order does not arrive then unfortunately you cannot expect us to help you if you have ignored our warnings. Please take this advice extremely seriously.

Old orders can be reprinted again with either the same details or some details changed. The cost is the same as placing the order again fresh on the website but you can save yourself the bother of filling in all the information again and possibly uploading all the images again.

If you want to reprint some or all of the cards from an old order then simply go to our Contact Us page or email us at [email protected]. Be sure to include your name and order number as a reference and if you only want a few cards printed from the order then be very specific about which ones in your email.

We will then create a special reprint order for you. An email will be sent to you when the reprint order has been created. Simply visit the Account page on our website to review the order. All the options regarding payment method, delivery method, delivery address, card details and images will be the same as the original order. Should you want to change these details simply click on the “Details” button next to the reprint order on the Account page and you can modify the entire order before you pay for it.

All instructions are once again provided in the “What to do next?” section.

So long as payment has not yet been received for your order then you have the option to make changes to the payment method, delivery method, delivery address, text details for any of the cards on your order as well as changing the images or image options.

Navigate to the Account page and click on the “Details” button next to the order to be taken through to the page where all the changes can be made.

If payment has been received then you need to email us quickly. Either visit our Contact Us page or email us at [email protected]. Mark your email as urgent and tell us about the exact changes you want. Although we will always do our best to halt the printing of your order before the changes you want are made we cannot guarantee it after you have paid. When we receive payment our processing team assumes all details online are correct, if printing has already taken place by the point we READ your email (not when you send it) then we will charge to reprint your order with the change.

Therefore, to be sure that you receive your order exactly how you want it then you should always check and double check all the details of your order before you make or send your payment.

Assuming your payment has not yet been received you can cancel your order at any time by going to the Account page page and clicking on the “Details” button next to your order. From this page, click on the "Order Details" button or scroll the page down to the section entitled "Card and Order Details". There you will find a "Cancel Order" button which you can press to cancel your order. Be careful as this action cannot be undone.

Plastic mailing pouches are tamper-proof mailing bags that you can use if you have decided to pay for your order be sending cash in the post. They are the only safe way to send an order in the post. If you're not clear what we mean then either take a visit to our How to Order page and view the image we have there, or make the search in your favourite search engine. Here is a link to the mailing pouch images on Google. You can buy them from many online stationers or at your local Post office.

Sorry, we cannot give you this information. We use extremely specialised machines and highly skilled processes to make our rage of feature rich cards. These techniques are what set us apart from all the competition and therefore we cannot share this information with you as by doing so we would be sharing it with them too.

Our cards should not be used to prove your age. Depending on the laws in your country you may be guilty of a fraud offence if you use one of our cards in this way. Even with all the details on the card matching your true identity you could still be offending by trying to pass off a novelty card as genuine. We do not recommend using our cards for this purpose.

Engraving is where a design is etched on the surface of a material. Portions of the surface are removed and what is left can be an intricate and highly impressive design. With regards to ID cards, we engrave the plastic surface of some of our cards with detailed designs and micro-text. The effect can be seen easily at different angles to direct light and can be felt by running you fingers over the surface of these cards. This is a technique often used on real ID cards due to how difficult it is to achieve this effect and therefore the security this technique offers.

Raised text on high-end ID cards is created using a special chemical reaction process which disturbs the surface of a card causing that portion of the material to raise above the surface and the carbon in that material to darken giving a raised text effect similar to Braille.

One of the ways we show our superior skill when compared to our competition is by offering this effect on our novelty cards. We hope you’re suitably impressed!

No, sorry. For legal reasons we have never offered this service. It is very difficult to scrutinise the legality of customised novelty ID cards. Since most of the requests we get to customise our cards or indeed to create brand new designs are from people wanting something that is illegal, we have no choice but to have this blanket policy in place. Regardless of your request, the answer will always be no, sorry.

Unfortunately, no you cannot. There are no longer any novelty ID companies that are awarded accounts that would enable them to offer these services. If we were awarded the right, of course we would offer such payment options to our customers. The only payment services we can offer involves cash sent in the secure post or payment sent electronically using one of our accepted Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoins for example). For more information on Cryptocurrencies (specifically Bitcoins, by applies similarly to many Cryptocurrencies) see our explanation here.

As a simple analogy, think of Bitcoins like any other currency. You transfer your money to a company (using a bank transfer or a debit/credit card for example) and they swap it for the currency, Bitcoins. They credit your Bitcoin account with an amount in Bitcoins. You can then transfer that balance to any person or business that will accept them as payment. It's not just Bitcoins that work like this, as pretty much every Cryptocurrency works in much the same way.

For the full and hopefully easy to understand explanation please see our dedicated Bitcoin page.

We currently only accept British Pounds Sterling GBP, United States Dollars USD, Euros EUR and Australian Dollars AUD. However, the currency you must pay for your order with will depend on the country you want your order delivered to. This currency will be automatically set depending on the delivery country you choose during the checkout process when you place an order on our website.

The currency displayed for our products are based on an automatic check of which country you are browsing our website from. We accept 4 different currencies, British Pounds Sterling GBP, United States Dollars USD, Euros EUR and Australian Dollars AUD. If your country does not fall within these currency zones then one is selected for you from either Euros or US Dollars depending on geography.

If the automatic browser location check fails or you are using a VPN from a different country then you may well see the wrong currency shown. However, do not worry, the only currency that matters is the one shown when you place your order. We work out which currency you must pay based on your delivery country, this cannot be changed and we will not accept payment in any other currency than the one shown at this stage.

If you want to change the currency you pay then you must change the delivery address for your order, there are no other options.

The currency and amount you must use to pay for your order is entirely based on your delivery address. As an example, if you place your order from a computer based within the United Kingdom you should first see our prices in GBP. However, if you decide when you place your order to select a USA delivery address then the currency and amount you must pay will change to US dollars. This is not negotiable. If you are unhappy with this change or simply must pay in your own currency (assuming we accept your currency of course) then you must change your delivery address to your own country.

Discounts are automatically calculated as you add cards to your basket. You can view all our current offers on the Deals page of this website. All our current offers are for buying multiple cards at one time going to one delivery address. We save some money on these orders and we pass that saving on to you as well as rewarding you for the extra business.

For serious customers, we offer the 20 card discount. If you think you can organise 20 or more customers then there is an opportunity for an entrepreneur to run a successful business by taking advantage of the highly-discounted prices available at this order quantity level.

The whole time it takes to get your order will vary depending on your payment method, delivery country and the postage options you choose. To get a delivery estimate then you can use our Delivery Calculator.

If you are paying with cash then you must send it to us in the post. This delays the total order time. You also have an option to send to a UK address or a Spanish address. The UK address is only convenient if you are in the UK. It will make it cheaper in terms of postage costs to send your order to us. However, the UK address is just a redirection address. It is slow, with sometimes only one redirection per week, so before you pick which the address to send your order to, be honest with yourself about the compromise you are making with regards to speed and postal costs. Whatever decision you make, never choose to save money by using an unsafe, unrecorded, uninsured postal method, the gamble is almost never worth it.

Due to the different postage options there are in the many countries around the world we accept orders from, it is unrealistic for us to know or predict how long your order will take to get to us. Besides, you should know the speed of service because you picked it from your mail provider when you sent your order to us.

However, assuming you didn’t ask when you sent your order we would advise that you speak to your mail provider, they will tell you how long it will take them to deliver what you sent to us.

No, we currently use plain white envelopes for all deliveries.

We offer a Fast delivery service. Go to our Delivery Calculator to get the precise times and cost for delivery. The times quoted are from the time we receive your payment. To get your payment to us quickly we highly recommend you pay using one of our accepted Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoins for example), as much time is wasted in postage delays when you chose to pay using cash. For an general explanation on Cryptocurrencies and a specific explanation of the whole Bitcoin process then perhaps visit our dedicated Bitcoin page to simplify your journey into this sometimes magical world.

You can track the progress of your order by visiting the Account page on this website and by clicking on the “Details” button next to the order you placed. Always consult the “What to do Next?” section to check if you are required to do anything to complete your order.

If the order status is showing that your order has been printed and sent out to you then remember to leave one week past the maximum quoted delivery time before you contact us regarding a possible delivery issue. We cannot help you until that time has passed so please respect this system.

One exception to this rule is if you have made a mistake with the delivery name and/or delivery address then contact us immediately and let us know what has happened.

Another exception would be if you are going to be away (on vacation or something) when the one week has passed and you want to let us know you will be slow in reporting non-delivery. Please note, all we can do in this situation is make a note on your account to say you might be a little slow reporting non-delivery to us, we can do nothing to resolve the delay until the required time has gone by.

Contact us immediately, do not delay. You should contact us the moment this time has elapsed. You only have one week from now to report non-delivery to us so it is vital that you get in touch now.

If you do leave it later than two weeks from the maximum quoted delivery time to report to us that your order has not arrived then we cannot help you unless you already let us know ahead of time that you weren’t going to meet that deadline due to being away, or moving house etc.

Take this advice extremely seriously, we do not bend these rules so please do not get caught out by being slow reporting delivery issues to us.

Due to the large variation of legal systems that operate in all the countries we sell our cards to, it would be impossible to comment on the individual legality of our cards within a given jurisdiction. We therefore must ask that you check yourself as to the legality of ownership in the country where the card is to be delivered. If you are in any doubt, we strongly recommend you do not buy from us.

Novelty ID cards from our website are just toys for novel use. None of the cards we sell are replicas of real ID cards which would be illegal to sell and to own. However, the law of fraud in most countries considers what you then do with your card. Should you have fake details on your card and use it to misrepresent yourself to someone then there is a high likelihood in most countries you are committing one of their fraud offences. This is very serious.

Always use our cards as the joke items they were designed to be. Just as you shouldn’t attempt to use toy replica money in a shop to purchase goods, or use a toy gun to hold up a bank, the same goes for our novelty ID cards. Do not use them for official purposes, doing so, much like in our other examples, is extremely stupid and very probably illegal.

Don’t be ridiculous! If you are stupid enough to even ask this question then you are most likely unfit to operate a motor vehicle.