Is Fake Identification a Scam?

Is legit or a scam website? Do we just steal money? If you have these burning questions running around inside your mind then you need answers. That is why we have worked hard on designing a unique trust system that will help us put your mind at rest.

The Scam Website Problem

A huge problem facing legitimate Fake ID companies (ones that do actually send out cards) is the fact many websites are set up simply to fool customers and steal their money. News travels fast, and before long everyone is worried which sites are scams and which ones actually send out cards.

There are of course people who come to our website with the luxury of already knowing someone who has bought from us and therefore don’t have to worry, but what about the rest of you? We know that most of you just hold your breath and hope that we’ll be honest and send you what you paid for! Well that is unacceptable to us, we need to stop our customers from worrying, something has to change so we can earn your trust.

The problem trusting online sellers

Forget what we sell for a moment and think about how traditional shopping works in high street shops. Typical shopping works with you physically grabbing the products you want to buy and then going over to the cash register, handing over your payment and almost at the same moment you are given back the stuff you just bought and you are free to leave the shop and enjoy those purchases. Simple, fair, and at no point in the process were you in the slightest bit worried that you wouldn’t receive what you paid for. That process is easy to trust.

With online shopping things get a bit tricky. You effectively hand over your money before you receive the goods. Whenever you have to pay first and delivery comes after then you must trust that you'll either get what you paid for or at the very least you'll get all your cash back.

A representation of how easy it is to trust traditional shopping handing over payment at a cash register

Payment methods

Thanks to electronic payment methods buyers don’t actually have to trust the website they are buying from all that much, they only have to trust the payment method provider will protect them if things go wrong. Sure, that does oversimplify the issue, no one wants all the fuss, hassle and time wasted in sorting out a refund, but at least the money is safe.

Logos of common electronic payment systems

Mastercard, Visa, PayPal and others all offer fraud protection, which basically means if you don’t receive the goods you paid for then they’ll simply give you your money back. Pretty decent protection we think!

So why don’t we accept these forms of payment when they would be great for our customers and solve all the payment issues and unnecessary worrying? The answer to that question is really sad and really simple, they all refuse to do business with Fake ID sites. So as much as we would love to accept payments through these providers (as we have done in the past), it is simply not possible to do so.

Without payment protection how can we avoid a scam?

The truth is, until we solved the trust problem, without payment protection buyers simply had to put their trust in the website they were buying from. OK, so there are some methods that buyers can use to give themselves the best chance of avoiding a scam and we go over each of them below, but none of these methods are full proof as none can offer the peace of mind that our solution does.

The quality of the website

Let’s face the facts, we all judge by appearances whether we are aware we are doing it or not. Our bodies are hardwired to draw instant conclusions and assumptions to help us make decisions. That bad feeling you get in the pit of your stomach is just your bodies’ way of warning you to tread more carefully. What does your stomach tell you when you look at our website? What do you feel about other ID sites you’ve been on?

Assessing the quality of a website

Websites can be made in a bedroom and plenty of successful ones in history have been. However the world of websites has changed a lot over the past 10-15 years and as our company has been around for all that time, we have witnessed them all. The truth is if it looks like it took a lot of time and money to build it and fill it up with content then there is a good chance that it probably did.

We might decide to check that the information on the website is original and not just swiped from another website. We’ll look for professional quality photos, images and layout to give us a positive impression. Likewise, we’ll look to avoid websites with excessive grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

Now money and time spend building a website are in no way certain indicators that you can trust a website. After all, some of the most successful scams and robberies in history were well funded and meticulously planned. What you can establish is a general impression to help with your buying decision. If the website looks bad then what does that tell you about the company behind it? With respect to fake ID’s, even if a terrible looking website do actually send out cards, what does it tell you about the likely quality of those cards?


You might think that testimonials from actual customers writing about their experience dealing with a particular company would be a good way to filter out the good and the bad, and you’d be right, but there is a catch. Unfortunately, for testimonials to be effective you must already trust the website you are reading the testimonial on and you must also trust you are reading real comments from real customers.

These guys are amazing! I think I might love them. I want to stick my pee-pee in their hole!

WOW! Mega awesome, blah, blah, blah!

In the world of fake ID websites, testimonials often read like adverts, and rarely use the kinds of words or phrases you might use if you were writing something nice about an experience that you had with a company. It doesn’t take a genius to work out they were written by the website owner or someone who works for them. We don’t use them, we never have, we never will. We suggest you ignore them completely on sites you don’t trust yet and move on!


A red review speech bubble

Many people search for reviews from past customers on independent websites to help them assess whether a site is genuine or not. This is often a very good way to help you with your assessment because, unlike testimonials, reviews can be read on independent review websites that likely have no affiliation with the website being written about. However, much like testimonials, you first must trust the review website and then you must trust that the reviewer is being honest about their experience.

A yellow review speech bubble

Trusting review sites is often the easy part. There are many well established, branded review sites that we are all familiar with.

The problem with fake ID review websites and forums is that many have both positive and negative reviews for the same company. How do you know which ones are being honest and which are not? Truthfully, you don’t. Many of the positive reviews might have been written by the company itself. They may also have written negative reviews about their competitors’ websites.

A blue review speech bubble

The next problem is specific to all ID card companies. Because traditional payment services are not available to us, most of us accept cash in the post as a possible method of payment. If our customers ignore our advice on sending cash safely in the post then they risk it getting stolen. Now who do you think that customer is going to blame when they are told their money never arrived? Do you think they might post a bad review? Of course they will, and who could blame them for thinking we were trying to rip them off!

With so many mixed reviews out there for ID sites, it’s pretty hard to determine if a customer was actually ripped off or is just looking for someone else to blame for them taking risky shortcuts when sending cash in the post.

Customer Service

Customer Service

This one is often overlooked. If someone is out to steal from us then of course they will offer great customer service, won’t they?

The scammer wants your money quickly with little fuss. The effort they put into convincing you they are not out to con you must be weighed against the potential rewards they will get if you are taken in by them. They know if they steal from you then you are not going to be taken in by them again or refer them to friends, so there is a limit to the amount they can gain from you and therefore a limit to the lengths they will go to in order to make that gain.

Legitimate companies just like scam websites are driven by the motivation to make money. However, unlike scams, a legitimate company has a huge motivation to make sure their customers are happy, they are looking for repeat business and referrals and will work hard to get them.

If you are worried about spending money with a website then get in touch with them. Contact them many times if necessary. So long as your requests are reasonable and your demands fair then expect that website to take the time to put your fears at rest. You might not be able to trust a website just because they have great customer service but you can safely and wisely ignore any website that demonstrates poor quality customer relations. Why take the risk?

Our solution to the problem of trust

We thought long and hard about how we could convince customers that we run a legitimate company that truly wants our customers and their friends to feel safe enough to buy from us again and again. Since none of the traditional ways for customers to feel at ease are available to us we had to be a little creative to be sure that you and others like you could trust us.

To trust a fake ID company you need to be convinced of two key things, and only with those two key elements can you feel comfortable placing an order:

  1. We CAN make fake ID
  2. We SEND out fake ID


Example of one of our cards


Customers holding up their ID's

We CAN make fake ID

The first thing you need to know is that we have the ability to make the cards we say we can. The most common type of scam is where a person or company sets up a website and put a few photos on their website and tells you they can make those cards when in fact they cannot! The photos are often of poor quality or they are not even photos at all but simply computer images.

How can you tell if a company has the often expensive and sophisticated printing equipment required for the production of modern day ID cards?

We therefore built this website to prove we have the knowhow, machinery and skilled workforce necessary to manufacture the cards we sell. We did this by making sure:

  • All the images of our cards are true photographs and not computer generated images which might prove we could design cards but wouldn’t prove we can print them.
  • All photos are high definition so you can assess quality and spot easily if any of the images were edited to deceive you.
  • Photos were taken at multiple angles so you can be confident these are actual printed cards and not a computer generated hoax.
  • Every card we sell has multiple images for you to view and to test the authenticity of the products. It is not acceptable to show only a few images and expect you to believe we make cards!
  • All photos were clearly shot by professional photographers. It should therefore be obvious that we take our products and their quality extremely seriously and it should be much simpler to determine the cards are genuine prints.
  • We even have videos of our most popular cards so you can see them come to life. It would be cheaper for a scam company to make and send ID cards than it would be to doctor some elaborate hoax videos.
Polaroid cartoon images of ID cards

You can now go and look at our ID card collection and see for yourself if we have proved to you that we can make great cards, after all, only you can truly be the judge of that!

We SEND out fake ID

For all the words we could write to convince you, there is no better way to prove to you that we send cards out to real people than to show you photos of those people holding cards we’ve made and sell on this very website. The more pictures we can show you the more probable it becomes that this is not some very clever elaborate hoax and we do actually send out cards to our customers.

Swapping a photo of a card for a free one

Is it likely that we went to the trouble to print out a large number of ID cards, take them to the homes of some random people and bribe those unsuspecting individuals into having their photo taken holding some card up they’ve never seen before for the sole purpose of cheating you guys out of your money?

Now, in the interest of being 100% honest with you, we actually did use bribes to get those photos, but we did it in a really nice way so we are pretty sure you won’t hold it against us! We simply offered a load of our old customers a free card in exchange for the photos you’ll see when you scroll down to the bottom of this page.

If you want proof that we send out ID cards then all you need to do is take a look at the vast numbers of our customer from all around the world who agreed to exchange photo proof that we send out ID cards. If we didn’t send them a card in the first place then they’d have nothing to photograph. If they were unhappy with the quality of their card would they even have bothered to take a photo just to get another one from us?

Even if you are already totally convinced we are 100% legitimate we would encourage you to take a look at the photos anyway, as some of our customers clearly have a great sense of humour!

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words. We don’t need you to read that many from these photographs, we just need you to go away with 3 simple words ringing in your head. is legit!