Site Map

Use our site map to give you an overview of the pages we have on our website. We provide you with summary descriptions of the content on those pages and why you might like to visit these pages.

Finding your way

To save you time clicking and reading through our entire site we have constructed our site map table below to give you a quick and helpful reference point to the pages you’ll find on our website. Feel free to click on any of the links and explore our great site further. Enjoy!

Name & Link Description Main Purpose

An introduction to our website and all the services we offer.

To give you an idea of what we can do.
Fake ID

Photos, videos and descriptions of all the fake ID cards we sell on this website.

To showcase our impressive fake ID collection.

Information regarding payments, delivery, deals and ordering.

To provide you with a wealth of information to help you with your ID card purchase.
Info - Scam Website?

A description of the huge scamming problem that faces Fake ID websites and what we have done to solve this issue.

To help put you mind at ease about placing an order with us.
Info - Understanding Bitcoins

A collection of information related to the entire process of Bitcoin payments.

To help beginners get up to speed regarding Bitcoin payments.
Info - Frequent Questions

Questions and their answers organised into sections according to the general subject topic.

So you can get answers to your questions without having to email us.
Info - Deals

A description of each of the deals we currently offer.

To show you ways you can save money when placing an order with us.
Info - Delivery Calculator

An overview of the delivery process and an interactive form to give you specific delivery information according to each delivery country.

So you know the costs and times for delivery to all the countries we deliver ID cards to.
Info - How to Order

A variety of information showing you how to easily and safely place an order with us.

To stop customer confusion and mail theft.

An access portal to orders and account related matters.

To offer customers one area to change, track and view all their orders.

Any cards you choose to buy will arrive and collect here. Any discounts are displayed and calculated here also.

To store all the cards you want to buy before you go through the checkout.

Provides a contact form you can use to send us an email along with other contact information.

To give you an easy way of getting in touch with us.
Privacy Policy

Shows how we collect and use your personal information.

To reassure you that your information is safe.
Terms & Conditions

A list of all the terms and conditions you must know about before placing an order.

So you can understand and review your rights and responsibilities regarding placing an order with us.
Site Map

Links and descriptions to all the pages on this website.

To give you an understanding of what pages are available and their respective purpose.